Never Winter Octavian

2H lilac Ram,

Painted Rock Iram X Painted Rock Jinx (Reg. B080-14)

CL Jacob Sheep

Painted Rock Quiver - For Sale

Beautiful crimpy fleece, 4H BW Ram

Never Winter Brahm X Painted Rock Tegwen

2013/2014 Rams

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Reservations are now being taken for 2014 lambs! These breeding stock quality lambs can be registered with Jacob Sheep Breeders Association. These lambs are from stunning fleece lines that produce premium quality wool for even the pickiest hand spinner (please note that our wool is completely sold out for this season). Additional pictures of adults and lambs can also be seen at or on our Canoe Lake Farm facebook page.  

"Reserved" means a deposit has been received, "On Hold" means a buyer has expressed an interest in purchasing the lamb, "Under consideration" means the lamb is available although another buyer is considering purchase dependent on lamb (and horn!) development, and "Sold" means the full purchase price has been received .

Contact us to discuss purchasing of available lambs or if you have questions.

Page under construction. Three ewes bred for 2015 lambs (expected mid-February).




Canoe Lake Gordon
#57, 2H BW Ram,
Born 09April14

Blue Ewe Blazing Star x Never Winter Octavian

Retained for 2015


Ridgecroft Peekabu



bide a wee Noel X Bullthistle Primrose










Painted Rock Quiver

Never Winter Brahm X Sweetgrass Tegwen

For Sale

Painter Rock Quiver

For Sale


Byeburn Daphne

Brink-May Sir Bevan x Ridgecroft Wilma
Great color retention and wide hornset







































The American Jacobs are an heirloom breed that has not undergone excessive out crossing to satisfy the commercial marketplace. Jacob sheep are small, black and white spotted, polycerate (multi-horned) sheep, having as many as six but commonly four horns. Both rams and ewes are easily kept and have a natural resistance to parasites and foot problems. Jacobs are usually raised for their wool, which is prized by handspinners, and for their healthy, lean meat.  As of 2009, the American Livestock Breed Conservancy has listed the American population of the Jacob as a “threatened breed" and a conservation priority.  The breed is estimated to have fewer than 1,000 annual registrations in the United States and a global population of less than 5,000.

For information on Jacob sheep, visit the JSBA website at Jacob Sheep Breeder's Association's Website: