Painted Rock Moses

Lilac Ram, Reg. B039-11.

Painted Rock Iram X Painted Rock Jinx

Canoe Lake Farm



Patchwork MacGyver's nonbreeding season social group

Our Farm's Jacob Sheep

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We have made the difficult decision to disperse our Jacob breeding flock after lambing in 2013 (with plans to retain a couple of ewes and hopes to rebuild a flock in the future).  "Reserved" means a deposit has been received; "On Hold" means a buyer has expressed an interest in purchasing the lamb. "Under consideration" means the lamb is available though another buyer is considering purchase dependent on lamb development.

Contact us to discuss purchasing of available lambs or if you have questions.

If you are interested in these adult ewes or lambs, please contact me at

Flock Ewes (2013 Jacob Lambs for sale! )


Blue Ewe Blazing Star
(Reg. No. A063-09)

Springrock Shadrach X Blue Ewe Freedom
Beautiful fleece and horn set, sister of 2010 JSBA AGM Champion Ram, Blue Ewe Ringoes Albus.
Star has been reserved.

4H Lilac Ewe,
Born 07Jan13
Canoe Lake Jack x

Blue Ewe Blazing Star


4H Lilac Ram,
Born 07Jan13
Canoe Lake Jack x
Blue Ewe Blazing Star

$225 (Under consideration)

Canoe Lake Stellaluna
(Reg. Pending)

Blue Ewe Blazing Star X Patchwork MacGyver
Bred to Painted Rock Moses for February-March lambs.



Kreutzer Farms Cayden
(Reg. No. D108-06)

Kreutzer Farms Trion X Kreutzer Farms Toby
Bred to Painted Rock Moses.



Blue Ewe Latte
(Reg. No. B089-09)

Springrock Shadrach X Blue Ewe Eire
Great soft fleece. Bred to Canoe Lake Jack.


2H Ewe,
Born 11Jan13
Canoe Lake Jack x
Blue Ewe Latte

$225 (On hold)


4H Ram,
Born 11Jan13
Canoe Lake Jack x
Blue Ewe Latte


Painted Rock Olivia

Ridgecroft Washington X Painted Rock Irene
Diverse blood lines and beautiful fleece.
Bred to Painted Rock Moses for Feb-Mar lambs.
Not for sale.


The American Jacobs are an heirloom breed that has not undergone excessive out crossing to satisfy the commercial marketplace. Jacob sheep are small, black and white spotted, polycerate (multi-horned) sheep, having as many as six but commonly four horns. Both rams and ewes are easily kept and have a natural resistance to parasites and foot problems. Jacobs are usually raised for their wool, which is prized by handspinners, and for their healthy, lean meat.  As of 2009, the American Livestock Breed Conservancy has listed the American population of the Jacob as a “threatened breed" and a conservation priority.  The breed is estimated to have fewer than 1,000 annual registrations in the United States and a global population of less than 5,000.

For information on Jacob sheep, visit the JSBA website at Jacob Sheep Breeder's Association's Website: